In accordance with the goal of the journal to contribute to the progress of science in the field of industrial management the Editorial Board has adopted a policy to adhere to widely accepted ethical principles and norms, which apply to all parties involved: authors, reviewers, publishers and institutions.

The main ethical principles to be observed by all those who are involved in the process are:

Honesty concerning the data, results, methods and procedures, and publication status;

Objectivity in the analysis and interpretation of data collected in the research, avoidance of bias, of expressing personal attitude or of conflict of financial or other interests;

Respect for intellectual property by honoring patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property;

Confidentiality concerning personal data, trade or military secrets, corporate data, etc.;

Responsible Publication to advance science and education, not just your own career;

Social Responsibility to promote social good and prevent social harms.

Adherence to the ethical standards means the adoption of certain norms of conduct, which do not tolerate:

Plagiarism as an act of appropriating ideas, results, etc. of authors whose authorship is not appropriately credited;

Conflict of interests in performing one’s duties, which lead to lack of objectivity and to bias because of a conflict between their personal and professional interests;

Falsification of data by manipulating them in order to achieve the needed results, which also includes fabricated or misrepresented results;

Lack of being self-exacting demonstrated through wordiness, repetitions and redundancy;

Neglect of the scientific community demonstrated through multiple publications in different journals, publications or forums.

The ethical principles and norms for scientific research and publications have been accepted by the Editorial Board of the “Industrial Management” Journal and no breach of these will be tolerated.


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