1. Technical requirements :
  • the pages are with margins: top - 2 cm,bottom - 3,4 cm, left and right - 1,4 cm
  • the text for all sections is in Arial and line spacing is Single;
  • the text is written in 12 point Font Size, Normal, Justified Style without page numbering;
  • new line tab is 1,25 cm (Default tab stops: 1,25 cm);
  • manuscripts must be between 6 and 20 pages.
  1. The title:
  • should not exceed 70 characters;
  • should be written in capital letters in 14 point Font Size, Bold, Center, Style Italic.
  • Personal information:
  • The names of the authors after the title are written in 12 point Font Size,Center, style Normal.
  • additional information about the authors is written at the end of the first page in Justified Style, 10 pt.
  1. Abstract and keywords:
  • the heading abstract ends in a full stop, and the heading keywords– in a colon;
  • the headings abstract andkeywords are with a new line tab 1,25 cm and in 10 point Font size, Bold, Style Italic, and the text after them in 10 point Font size;
  • keywords or phrases (up to 10) are given on a new single-spaced line;
  1. The headings of the different sections:
  • should be written in lowercase 12 point Font Size, Bold, Style Italic and numbered in Arabic numerals;
  • are aligned on the left with Default tab stops of 1,25 cm and are separated from the rest of the text by a spaced line.
  1. In the main body of the text:
  • figures are made using a MS Office 2003 compatible programme; their numbers and titles should be under the Figures in 10 pt, Center, Style Normal;
  • the numbers and titles of Tables should be above them using 10 pt, Center, Style Normal;
  • formulas are to be written using Equation Editor, аnd their numbering should be at the end of the line on the right in parantheses.
  1. Literature:
  • the heading literatureis in lowercase in 12 pt, Bold, Style Italic.
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