1/ The content of the articles

  1. Content of the articles:
  • title;
  • personal information about the author/authors;
  • abstract and key words;
  • introduction;
  • main body of text;
  • conclusion;
  1. The title should be:
  • short and clear but informative enough;
  • give a correct idea of the content of the article with a focus on the subject matter and findings of the research.
  1. Personal information:
  • includes the academic ranks and titles of the auhtor, the institution, address of the author at the institution and e-mail address.
  1. Abstract and keywords:
  • the abstract (between 100 and 150 words) contains the formulation and the aim of the study, approaches to and methods of research, results and summarised conclusions of the article;
  • the abstract cannot contain contractions or quotations;
  • keywords or phrases (up to 10) give an idea about the major points of the article;
  • the abstract and the keywords are in English and the authors bear the whole responsibility for the accuracy of the translation.
  1. The introduction contains:
  • a short preview of the achievements related to the specific issue;
  • critical analysis and possibilities for further improvement of the solutions;
  • reasons for undertaking the research, directions for conducting it and its purpose.
  1. The main body of the text is the biggest section of the article and can be organized in one or more subsections referring to:
  • the working hypotheses of the author/authors;
  • the approaches and methods used in the research;
  • the collected empirical evidence needed for further research;
  • the research findings summarized in tables and figures .
  1. The conclusionshould summarise the results obtained in terms of:
  • the working hypotheses and the aim of the research;
  • similar results achieved in other publications;
  • the contribution that particular research has made to the respective field of study;
  • possible applications;
  • possible further research concerning the issue under investigation.
  1. Literature:
  • citing and the list of references are in Latin according to the Harvard Referencing System; guidelines for how to make it are given below.
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