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Issue 1, 2017

  • Основни проблеми пред стратегическото планиране на персонала в индустриалните предприятия в България - Бела Бонева
  • Отворени иновации в политиките за развитие на дигиталните МСП в контекста на индустриална революция 4.0 - Христиан Юриев Даскалов
  • Изследване на влиянието на външните и вътрешните фактори, свързани с дейностите по управление на човешките ресурси в мултинационални компании - Ива Петрова
  • Локалните фактори на средата като ограничения за бизнес стратегиите на мултинационалните компании в България - Красимир Дацов
  • Loyalty programs in M-Commerce: Importance and benefits - Irina Kapustina, Alex Krasnov, Anton Anisimov
  • Дискусия относно същността на зеленото производство и свързаните категории - Младен Велев, Бойко Таков, Сия Велева
  • Областната стратегия за развитие - ключ за успех на териториалната единица - Пенчо Пенчев, Цанко Стефанов
  • Анализ на средносрочната бюджетна прогноза на Българиа за периода 2018-2020г. - Траян Йосифов


Issue 2, 2016

  • A Vision of  conditions and factors affecting labour productivity - Plamena Pencheva
  • The role and the purpose of leadership skills in human resource management in multinational companies - Iva Petrova
  • Application of parametric methods in evaluating the effectiveness of the funds of the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo - Daniela Yordanova
  • Prediction of bankruptcy of large industrial companies - Dora Doncheva 
  • Payment methods and security in electronic commerce - Tanya Vasileva
  • Systemes for mass service in maritime transport operations - Dimitar Dimitrakiev
  • Research on Spatial Planning and Regional Development of the Southwest Planning Region in Bulgaria - Tereza Тodorova-Sokolova
  • Brief Summary Of The Articles 


Isuue 2, 2013

  • Post-crisis condition of the public companies in Bulgaria through the prism of financial health and market risk - Ralitsa Dimitrova and Krasimir Kostenarov
  • Sustainable and a smart growth of a  business company - Ivalina Pencheva
  • Career development in industrial enterprises - Petar Kanev, Iskra Panteleeva
  • Innovative methods of management impact on organizational behavior - Stanislava Stoyanova
  • Performance appraisal criteria and indicators of the personnel in high-tech enterprises - Dimcho Dimov
  • Research and evaluation of current and capital innovative costs in cloud computing - Grozdalina Grozeva, Yordan Dimitrov
  • The brand and its role in increasing competitiveness - Svetlana Dimitrakieva
  • Interrelationship between business opportunities, direct marketing and social networks - Svilena Marinova
  • Electronic commerce and business strategies of the firms - Tania Vasileva, Jordan Dimitrov
  • Assessing the competitive position of BDZ Passenger Services Ltd. - Julia Varadinova


Issue 1, 2013

  • Tensions in managing change: innovation vs. tradition? - Annie Bartoli, Philippe Hermel, Gunel Safarova
  • Research of dependence between technology absorbtive capacity of the industrial firms and their competitivenes - Siya Atanasova
  • Evaluation and selection of marketing innovation - Rositsa Nakova
  • Subcontracting as a business activity – theoretical theses and practical opportunities - Evgeniy Petrov
  • Europen route of  bulgarian energy - Galina Todorova
  • Opportunities to accelerate the implementationof investment projects for use of thermal water sources - Vasil Yordanov
  • Assessment of the applicability of the virtual cell manufacturing systems for mechanical machining - Petko Naydenov
  • Optimization methods of interpersonal relations in small business in Bulgaria - Ivan Stoyanov
  • Application of contingent valuation method for study of academic libraries - Ivan Stoyanov

Issue 2, 2012 

  • Regulation of market abuse – current state and trends - Ralitza Dimitrova
  • Evolution in the regulation of gas emissions - Georgi Manliev
  • State policy of environmental protection in russian federation - Irina Maslennikova, Liubov Volkova
  • Self-regulation in building: problems of value for money - Olga Nazaruk, Igor Fedoseev
  • Strategic directions of development of pharmaceutical complex under conditions of globalization - Natalya Klunko, Maria Lubarskaya 
  • Essential factors influencing on satisfaction of the population  with health care in the russian federation - Olga Nosyreva, Irina Poigina, Tatiana Rtishcheva
  • Strategic development of the system of human resources management in modern economy - Dzhamilya Saralinova
  • Research on the basic functional activities and results which have a relationship with human resource management - Nataliya Kireva
  • Aspects of leadership within the theoretical frame of the concept of the social capital and the competence approach - Irina Georgieva
  • Some barriers to the development of the small and medium business in Bulgaria - Joseph Avramov


Issue 13, 2010

  • Sustainable economic, Social and Environmental Development in our National Energy - J. Angelova, R. Nakova
  • The essence and phases of administrative processes modeling in reengineering - K. Anguelov
  • The Challenges of IP Education at the Technical Universities - S. Stefanov
  • A rational approach for optimization of logistics system within Web environment - N. Kazakov, B. Tudjarov
  • Optimizing Management Processes Through Compression of Business Information - T. Stoyanova
  • The Periodic Preventive Maintenance Policy for Deteriorating Systems by Using Improvement Factor Model - N. Stoyanova, K. Enimanev, I. Dudushky
  • Influence of financial benchmarking over research & development department - M. Krumova, B. Milanezi
  • Financial benchmarking of enterprises for production of mineral water and soft drinks (By example of manufacturers Devnya, Bankya and Vodica) - M. Krumova, B. Milanezi
  • Еlectronic commerce in Bulgaria – a consumer perspective II - Т. Vasileva
  • Critical analysis of minimum spanning tree algorithms - A. Hossain


Issue 11, 2009

  • The Structure of the Production Management System and its dependence on the Size of Industrial Enterprise - G. Tzvetkov
  • Improvement of Controlling of Industrial Enterprise Marketing Activities - M. Velev, M. Furnadzheva
  • Analysis and elaboration of virtual cells formation algorithm - T. Lefterova
  • Application of the Balanced Scorecard for estimation of the effectiveness of the enterprises in pharmacy industry - D. Pavlova
  • Further Development of Quality Management - I. Nikolova
  • Improvement of the Controlling of Manufacturing in the Industrial Enterprise - M. Furnadzheva
  • Main Characteristics of Virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMS) and Virtual cells (VC) and formation of different types of VC - T. Lefterova
  • Results from the application of the Balanced Scorecard in the enterprises from the pharmacy industry - D. Pavlova
  • Classification of project types according to their technical difficulty (complexity) - T. Todorova
  • Aspects of line for benchmarking of financial processes at industrial companies - M. Krumova
  • Barriers facing the development of e-commerce - T. Vasileva
  • Critical analysis of shortest-route algorithms - A. Hossain


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