The articles which meet the requirements will be reviewed. The reviewers appointed by the Editorial Board evaluate the articles on the basis of the following criteria:

  • are within the scientific domain of the journal;
  • significance of the topic;
  • thoroughness of the abstract;
  • state and formulation of the problem;
  • formulated aim/aims;
  • approaches and methods used;
  • presentation and analysis of the results;
  • quality of the illustrative material;
  • logically presented body of text and well justified conclusion;
  • presence of new results and contribution;
  • possibilities for practical applications;
  • citing and referencing according to the requirements set by the journal.

On the basis of their evaluation the reveiwers make a recommendation that:

  • the article is published without any changes;
  • the article is published after certain corrections;
  • the article is returned to the author and he is encouraged to rewrite it and submit it again;
  • the article is not be published because it does not meet the requirements or the profile of the journal.

The final decision for the publication of the articles is taken by the Editorial Board.

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